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Tech Pattern 3D Lined Shape

About Korners

Korners Engineering is my creative haven, where I employ a versatile skill set and ​cutting-edge technologies to transform ideas into reality. With a strong foundation ​in CAD design, 3D printing, CNC plasma cutting, and welding, I specialize in crafting ​both functional components and captivating decorative signs. The journey begins ​with meticulous CAD design, enabling the precise planning of every detail. 3D ​printing brings these designs to life with exceptional precision, while CNC plasma ​cutting and expert welding ensure structural integrity and durability. Not just limited ​to functionality, I'm also dedicated to creating decorative signs that blend artistry ​and individuality. Korners Engineering is where technology, art, and precision ​converge to produce innovative solutions and captivating designs.

whether it’s something from the gallery or something completely custom

i’m here to help make your dreams become a reality

USA Made to order products usualy ships within 10 buissness days

the Team of 3d printers

Tech Pattern 3D Lined Shape
Tech Pattern 3D Lined Shape
Tech Pattern 3D Lined Shape

ender 3

ender 5

rostock max




the plasma ​cutter!

C​rossfire Pro

48 inch X 33 inch X .5 inch

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Contact Information